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West Region Virtual Paddle Raise

Cancer Doesn’t Wait.
Neither should you – Get Screened

We need your financial support more than ever before to help us save lives.

Regular cancer screening can save your life. 43% of patients have missed routine preventative appointments due to Covid-19 fears.
The earlier the cancer is detected, the more options there are for treatment, and the better the chances for survival.
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"I was able to talk to someone about what I was going through. It was nice just being heard."


Cancer Screenings

Could support cancer prevention screenings which declined by 94% due to the pandemic.



24/7 Cancer Helpline

Could pay for approximately 8 calls to provide support and reduce isolation. Connect with a trained cancer specialist who can answer questions about your diagnosis and provide guidance.



8 nights a hope lodge

Help provide an individual or family 8 nights at an ACS hope lodge while they help their family through their cancer treatment journey



  • Desert Spirit Gala CA
  • East Bay Gala CA
  • Everett Gala WA
  • Grand View League CA
  • Hope Gala WA
  • Long Beach Gala CA
  • Los Angeles Coastal Cities Gala CA
  • Los Angeles Gala CA
  • Monterey County Gala CA
  • North Orange County Gala CA
  • Portland Gala OR
  • Riviera Luncheon CA
  • Sacramento Gala CA
  • San Diego Gala CA
  • San Francisco County Gala CA
  • San Joaquin County Gala CA
  • Valley of Hope Bakersfield CA
  • Wine and Food Fest AK
  • Capital Invitational CA
  • Invitational Golf Tournament WA
  • Las Vegas Golf Classic NV
  • San Diego Invitational CA

Thank you to our generous donors who contributed over $100,000

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Thank you to our donors who contributed over $10,000

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